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The "Centre for X-ray Tomography" of the Ghent University (UGCT) is an interdisciplinary research facility which performs research on the X-ray micro/nanotomography technique and its applications in a scientific context. UGCT is presently an interfacultary collaboration between three UGent research groups:

The facility has developed and built several modular micro- and nanoCT scanners, uses in-house developed reconstruction reconstruction and 3D analysis software and is the origin of two spin-off companies (Inside Matters and X-Ray Engineering)

UGCT provides services for universities and research institutes in the context of joint research projects (both long-term and short-term). For more information, please contact us.


UGCT seminar


On September 10th, 2015, we are organizing the 2nd UGCT seminar. This event aims at bringing together experts in high-resolution X-ray CT, experienced CT users, new or potential users and CT enthousiasts. 

The program gives an overview on the current status of the research performed by UGCT and its collaborators, and is such a mixture of methodological work and CT applications. Furthermore, F. Marone from the TOMCAT beamline at the Swiss Light Source (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland) will give a keynote talk including the impressive results at that beamline. The preliminary program can be found here.

Registration is possible until August, 15th at the web page .

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Hoping to meet you all in September,


Doctoral schools course


On September 7-9, UGCT is hosting a specialist course in the framework of the Doctoral Schools programme. For more information, please visit the course website:




This video shows the process and result of high-resolution X-ray CT scanning of a rare butterfly. The scan is performed at the HECTOR scanner of UGCT.

Sample and video courtesy: Jan Garrevoet
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