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The "Centre for X-ray Tomography" of the Ghent University (UGCT) is a research facility which performs research on the X-ray micro/nanotomography technique and its applications in a scientific context. UGCT is presently an interfacultary collaboration between three UGent research groups: the Radiation Physics group research (Department of Physics and Astronomy), the Pore-Scale Processes in Geomaterials Research group (PProGRess) (Department of Geology and Soil Science) and the Laboratory for Wood Technology (Department Forest and Water Management).

The facility has developed and built several modular micro- and nanoCT scanners, develops the reconstruction software package Octopus and the 3D analysis software package Morpho+ and is the origin of two spin-off companies (Inside Matters and X-Ray Engineering)

UGCT provides services for universities and research institutes in the context of joint research projects (both long-term and short-term). For more information, please contact us.


YouTube channel


The PProgRess research group has launched a YouTube channel with impressive videos of dynamic CT experiments. It can be retrieved here: 


Refurbishment EMCT scanner


The Environmental Micro-CT scanner (EMCT) has been refurbished with a faster rotation motor. Scans at a frame rate of 12sec can now routinely be performed to allow for 3D time-lapse imaging, as can be seen in the animated image of an hourglass (note that the hourglass stops running after 2 min.)



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