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The "Centre for X-ray Tomography" of the Ghent University (UGCT) is an interdisciplinary research facility which performs research on the X-ray micro/nanotomography technique and its applications in a scientific context. UGCT is presently an interfacultary collaboration between three UGent research groups:

The facility has developed and built several modular micro- and nanoCT scanners, uses in-house developed reconstruction reconstruction and 3D analysis software and is the origin of two spin-off companies (Inside Matters and X-Ray Engineering)

UGCT provides services for universities and research institutes in the context of joint research projects (both long-term and short-term). For more information, please contact us.


Vacancies PProGRess


Two vacancies for PhD students are available at the PProGRess research group, part of the UGCT consortium. Both vacancies include a significant amount of micro-CT imaging. 


The vacancies can be viewed using the links below:

Vacancy 1

Vacancy 2


Thesis subjects 2016-2017


The thesis subjects for 2016-2017 are online. 



This video shows the process and result of high-resolution X-ray CT scanning of a rare butterfly. The scan is performed at the HECTOR scanner of UGCT.

Sample and video courtesy: Jan Garrevoet
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